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According to the National Retail Federation, organized retail crime (ORC) accounts for nearly $30 billion in economic loss per year. ORC is characterized by organized criminal rings that steal property with the intent to sell and distribute, or return stolen merchandise for value. ORC takes many forms, from coordinated thefts of specific goods to brazen attacks on local retailers.


Separate from legislative activity, a coalition of groups representing law enforcement and business groups are working to qualify a statewide ballot measure.  CBPA is in a support position on this initiative and actively working to help qualify the current effort. Learn more about the proposed Homelessness, Drug Addiction, Retail Theft Reduction Act.


This year, a handful of bills have been introduced on this matter, and more are expected by the February 16th bill introduction deadline, including what is expected to become the “Governor’s Package” of bills – those specifically negotiated to address this issue.  


BUDGET: The Governor released his new budget which includes combatting Organized Retail Crime and Other Crimes—$373.5 million General Fund over four years to bolster local law enforcement efforts to address retail theft and other crimes. This includes ongoing resources to expand and make permanent California Highway Patrol's retail theft task forces as well as the Department of Justice's Special Operations Unit and other task force and prosecution teams. 

CALL FOR A LEGISLATIVE PACKAGE: The Governor has also called for new legislation expanding criminal penalties, bolstering police and prosecutor tools to combat theft and take down professional criminals. The Governor and Legislative Leaders have until the Bill Introduction Deadline, Friday, February 16th to introduce these bills. 

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