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October 31, 2014

California Business Properties Association has endorsed Proposition 1 (Water Bond) and Proposition 2 (State Budget “Rainy Day Fund”) on California’s November general election ballot.

Governor Brown is taking the lead on both of these propositions and we are lining up behind him to support these efforts.

In a TV spot on this issues Governor Brown states, “I’ve been around long enough to know that the pendulum always swings in California…Between wet years and drought, between booms and busts…And when it’s bad, people get hurt. Not enough water to grow crops. Deep cuts in vital services.” He concludes that, “Propositions 1 and 2 will even out the boom and bust.”

Proposition 1, a $7.5 billion water bond with significant funding for needed water storage projects, is the result of a historic bipartisan agreement.

California is in severe drought and we have not had any significant investment in our state’s water infrastructure in many years. Our farms are facing water shortages, wells are empty, and the water we drink is running out.

We need the Prop 1 Water Bond to build more storage capacity, keep California water clean, and keep it flowing to all parts of the state.

Rex Hime, President and CEO, CBPA, states, “the storage projects in Proposition 1 will help California capture and store water in wet years so we can use that water during dry years.

California is in a severe, multi-year drought and has an aging water infrastructure. Proposition 1 creates a comprehensive state water plan that will improve water supply for farms and businesses during severe drought, protecting both the economy and the environment.

Proposition 1 invests in new water storage by increasing the amount of water that can be stored during wet years. The plan includes $2.7 billion for water storage projects. Prop 1 also provides safe drinking water for all communities, ensures that our farms and businesses get the water they need during dry years, invests in water conservation, recycling and improved local water supplies, increases flood protection, funds groundwater cleanup, and provides significant funding to clean-up polluted rivers and streams.

Proposition 2 is a plan to stabilize the state budget by requiring lawmakers to pay down debt and put money in a rainy day reserve fund during good economic times to avert drastic budget cuts in bad times.

The measure places in the State Constitution a requirement to create a “rainy day fund,” saving money and paying down state debts when times are good. The constitutionally protected reserve can be used for schools, public safety and other vital services in bad times.

Preventing politicians from spending temporary revenue spikes for ongoing spending will keep the state from spending more than it can afford.

The ballot argument points out that just three years ago, California faced a $26 billion budget deficit “that required the Legislature to make painful cuts and voters to approve temporary tax increases.

“Proposition 2 will make sure that we don’t repeat this cycle of boom and bust budgeting.”

Hime states, “Although we would prefer overall comprehensive reform that addresses out of control spending, Proposition 2 will force the Legislature and Governor to save money when times are good to prevent severe cutbacks to schools, public safety and other essential services when revenues shrink.”

CBPA recommends a yes vote on both Proposition 1 and Proposition 2.

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