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March 4, 2011

Regulatory reform was the focus of two Capitol hearings over the past two weeks. Following a second hearing by the Little Hoover Commission, the Republican’s E3 Roundtable met to discuss ways to improve California’s regulatory review process. Several business groups provided a variety of suggestions on how the existing regulatory development process could be improved. Homebuilders made the point that most state agencies have an inherent conflict of interest when producing an economic impact analysis of their own regulations. In response, they stressed the need to have access to a “neutral” third-party within state government who could, on an as-needed basis, critique the impact analysis produced by a state agency.

In addition, state agencies should be required to provide an “estimated cost of compliance” with all regulatory proposals, something that is rarely done even though all state agencies are require to determine if their regulatory proposal will have a significant impact on business and housing. It is anticipated that over three dozen bills will be introduced this year that will focus on various reform strategies.

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