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August 26, 2016

As well, there are still a handful of bills left that we must oppose because of their sever impact on the real estate industry, or California’s Economy:

AB 1520 (Stone, Mark D) Water shaming bill. This bill requires the release of private information on water use within certain buildings in an effort that will lead to “public shaming” of those buildings and companies therein. DEAD FOR THE YEAR.

AB 2087 (Levine D) Regional conservation frameworks. Business groups have significant concerns with this bill as it does not clearly define what a “regional conservation framework” is not, and as such poses a threat to both private property rights and the traditional land use authority of cities and counties. AWAITING ACTION ON SENATE FLOOR.

SB 654 (Jackson D) Unlawful employment practice: parental leave. Identified as a “Job Killer” this bill will significantly harm small employers in California with as few as 10 employees, by adding to the existing burden, as well as potentially require larger employers to provide 10 months of protected leave. AWAITING ACTION IN SENATE.

SB 1190 (Jackson D) California Coastal Commission: ex parte communications: staff communications. This bill would make it much more difficult for land owners in the Coastal Zone to petition their government and navigate the permit process. AWAITING ACTION IN SENATE.

SCA 5 (Hancock D) Local government finance. Would change the constitution to repeal Proposition and allow split roll property tax. AWAITING ACTION IN SENATE.

Click here to read the full text and analysis of these measures.

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