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April 18, 2016

SB 1173 (Hertzberg; D-Los Angeles) is a bill that has many good provisions, including cleaning up some statutory language dealing with the building code that we hope will move forward this year. We support the bill, but had some of you had concerns with provisions of the bill dealing with trying to figure out how to more quickly replace 1.6 gallon toilets purchased in the 2000’s with the much more efficient 1.28 gallon toilets. This provision is seen as a tool to help the State continue its drive for water conservation. There are some practical issues related to the building code that need further thought. Additionally, we would like to see an incentive-based approach and finding funding for that and/or a process to get that to happen at the local level has been another practical challenge. We are committed to working with the author and sponsors of the bill and will keep you posted.

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