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March 12, 2018

Who knew that those old thermostats could cost you $25,000? That’s the fine for failing to recycle mercury thermostats. Why such a hefty penalty?  Because when mercury thermostats are discarded with everyday trash, the mercury bulb will break, and the mercury will escape and become a dangerous hazard.

According to California law, it’s illegal to dispose of mercury thermostats in the trash or leave them at customers’ premises. HVAC, demolition contractors, property managers, and residents are responsible for recycling all mercury thermostats they remove from service.

Everyone can comply with the law and avoid the $25,000 fine by enrolling in the Thermostat Recycling Corporation’s (TRC) free and easy recycling program. After receiving collection containers from TRC, property managers and contractors can collect mercury thermostats and then send back the containers (when full or after one year) with an enclosed prepaid shipping form.  Rebates are even available.

To learn more visit http://recyclethermostats.org

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