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October 8, 2010

In the wee hours of Friday morning, the last deal having been cut and with 27 votes cobbled together, the Senate passed a spending plan for 2010-11 and adjourned itself. Just a few hours earlier the Assembly had passed the same measure with the bare minimum of 54 votes, thus ending the longest budget stalemate in the history of California. After the votes in each house, several legislators “added on” to the vote, making the final tally appear higher than it actually was. We are very excited that this is over, and hope that this spending plan will help put California on the road to recovery.

The only problem is, very few people have seen the full spending plan. At this point the best source for information on what the budget actually contains seems to be the Governor’s own press release. However, over the weekend we hope to obtain the budget bills to read them and assess the impact on our industry. In the meantime, click here for a press account of last night’s activity.

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