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October 24, 2014

2017 Changes to Efficiency Standards (Title 24) will be discussed at November 3rd Workshop.

The California Energy Commission is preparing to unveil the Draft Language for Residential and Non-Residential Efficiency Standards at a workshop scheduled for Monday, November 3rd. This workshop will bring the “informal” part of this proceeding to a close with the CEC expected to release formal, 45-Day Language in early-2015. If the CEC stays on schedule, these updated energy efficiency standards could be adopted as early as May and are intended to take effect throughout the state on January 1, 2017.

Some of the changes being considered for Non-Residential buildings include energy conserving measures for indoor and outdoor lighting, HVAC systems, fans, elevators and escalators.

In order to more effectively focus attention on Non-Residential changes, the three most critical documents available on the site listed above are:

1. “2016 Standards Part 06 Complete”

2. “2016 CALGreen”

3. “2016 Nonresidential Appendices”

Click here for key documents.

These codes will impact your business and your review and feedback is needed! Thank you.


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