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November 12, 2010

Governor-elect Brown said weeks ago during the campaign that he would call a special session to deal with the budget crisis; but in a not-unusual move, current Governor Schwarzenegger beat him to it and has called his seventh special session (in eight years) to deal with the budget “crisis.” Yesterday Schwarzenegger declared a fiscal emergency and called for a special session to begin the day the new Legislature is sworn in.

All the hubbub is in reaction to the Legislative Analyst’s announcement that just one month after the longest budget stalemate in California’s history, the shortfall has grown to $25.4 billion.

“By declaring a fiscal emergency and calling the special session, the governor hopes that the new legislators can tackle many of the problems left from the budget that he and the outgoing Legislature approved 34 days ago. That spending plan — passed 100 days into the fiscal year — is the latest in modern California history. The goal of the session is to address the estimated $6.1-billion shortfall in the current budget, said Schwarzenegger spokesman Aaron McLear.”

We wish you luck…

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