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June 17, 2011

Those of you who think the Denizens of the Capitol have lost the ability to move quickly, need only look to the budget maneuvers this week to see they still have some spring in their step, when they want. On Wednesday, both the Senate and Assembly passed a state budget plan and nearly a score of “trailer bills” with only Democratic votes. On Thursday, Governor Brown vetoed the budget bills, citing the fact that the plan was unbalanced and unfinanceable.

A cynic might thing the Legislature simply took such quick actions to make sure they didn’t lose their paychecks; a realist might point to the Governor’s veto as proof of that.

Another interesting quirk is that he only vetoed the main budget and not all the trailer bills. So bills passed yesterday as part of this exercise on eliminating Redevelopment, passage of e-Fairness, and extended taxes, may (or may not) still be signed into law.

The Governor’s veto message is very interesting and a good read for anyone that follows politics. Click here to read the veto.

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