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1972 – 50 years of service to the commercial industrial retail real estate industry – 2022.


September 17, 2010

AB 482 (D-Mendoza) – Employment: Consumer Credit Reports. This measure prohibits employers from using consumer credit reports for employment purposes unless the information is “substantially job related” as defined. Oppose. Veto Request.

AB 737 (Chesbro; D – Eureka) Mandates commercial recycling measure on private buildings but not public facilities. Measure is redundant of the new CalRecycle regulations. Oppose. Veto requested.

AB 1680 (Saldana; D – San Diego) Prohibits the enforcement of an arbitration agreement for a civil lawsuit based on discriminatory behavior prohibited under the Ralph Civil Rights Act. Oppose. Veto requested.

AB 1693 (Ma; D – San Francisco) Measure will modify the code adoption cycle and extend it to an 18 month process, adding three months to the interim update process. Sponsored bill. Signed by Governor.

AB 1881 (Monning; D – Santa Cruz) Doubles the liquidated damages that can be awarded against employers in minimum wage actions in court. Oppose. Veto Requested.

AB 1927 (R-Knight) – Common Interest Developments: Rentals. This legislation would provide that the governing documents for a Common Interest Development that is amended, adopted, or recorded on or after January 1, 2011, shall not prohibit the rental or lease of a separate interest in a common interest development unless the provision imposing the prohibition is approved by the owners of separate interests. Support. Signature Requested.

AB 2340 (Monning; D – Santa Cruz) Mandates every employer to provide every employee with up to three days of unpaid bereavement leave per year and creates a private right of action for violations of the bill’s provisions. Oppose; to Governor. Veto Requested.

AB 2743 (D-Nava) – Rental Property: Animals. This bill would prohibit a landlord from advertising or establishing rental policies that requires a tenant or a potential tenant with an animal to have that animal debarked or declawed. Support – to Governor.

AB 2670 (J. Pérez; D – Los Angeles) Mandates certain state buildings be evaluated using a private green building program without recognizing the state’s own green building code, CALGreen. Oppose. Veto requested.

SB 183 (D-Lowenthal) – Carbon Monoxide Detectors 183 requires an owner of a dwelling unit intended for human occupancy to install a carbon monoxide device in each existing dwelling unit that has a fossil fuel burning heater or appliance, fireplace, or an attached garage, as follow. Single family July 1, 2011; All defined dwellings Jan 1, 2013. Oppose. Signed by the Governor. SEE BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION.

SB 959 (D-Ducheny) – Expedited Permit Review. This bill proposes to streamline and expedite the current application and permitting process for new development projects. Support. Signature Requested.

SB 1272 (Wolk; D – Davis) Requires repeal of all new tax incentives after seven years. Applies performance metrics to private companies receiving tax funds, but does not apply the same standard to state agencies. Oppose; to Governor. Veto Requested.

SB 1427 (D-Price) – Foreclosures: Maintenance. This bill requires a governmental entity, prior to imposing a fine for a property owner’s failure to maintain a vacant property acquired by foreclosure, to provide the owner of the property with notice and an opportunity to correct the violation. Support. Governor’s Desk.

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