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Ballot Attack On Prop 13 Averted – For Now

May 4, 2010

As we have previously announced, efforts to push two propositions to gut Proposition 13 protections for commercial real estate have been put on hold for 2010. The facts are clear that because we alerted, informed, and energized our industry, created a broad coalition, and raised early money, proponents of the measures saw a very tough campaign ahead.

Californians Against Higher Property Taxes, brought together homeowner, small business and taxpayer groups to oppose these proposals. Your generous donations assured that we had an active campaign infrastructure, were able to conducted economic studies, and allowed us to communicate flaws of the split roll idea to press and policymakers.

Facing such organized opposition, the split roll proponents penciled-out the campaign and determined the fight would be too expensive with no guarantee of success.

Early financial support allows our industry to avert a very expensive campaign. Additionally, those who stepped up assured that your property taxes won’t be raised a minimum of 55% in perpetuity, for at least another two years.

Congratulations and THANK YOU!

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