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June 24, 2011

A bill that has become known as a “litmus-issue” for labor, advanced from the Assembly Local Government Committee on a party line vote. SB 469 (Juan Vargas; D-San Diego) would require additional economic and community impact analyses for retail developments that are 90,000 feet or larger and sell groceries. The open secret in the Capitol is that the purpose of this bill is to allow certain company’s projects to more easily be harassed by activists.

Although the bill hit a tiny hiccup in committee, a “courtesy” vote at the last minute let the bill move forward. The author, Senator Juan Vargas from San Diego quickly devolved into union talking points about “living wages” when questioned about policy aspects of the bill. When questioned as to why the bill had such a convoluted definition of retailer, another policymaker from San Diego Assemblymember Ben Hueso talked about how the bill was going to help “end monopolies” in this nation.

Here is an interesting summary about the hearing.

The bill next moves to the Assembly Natural Resources Committee. We need your continued help to communicate with legislators that this bad bill should be stopped now, in this committee.

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