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July 25, 2013

SB 673 (DeSaulnier; D-Concord) – a bill that would erode local governments’ ability to make land use decisions and move forward with infrastructure and development projects that receive over $1 million in subsidies without a state-mandated economic impact report – passed the Senate Local Government Committee on a party line 4-2 vote.

Please note, that this bill would impact all types of development – this is NOT just aimed at “Superstores” or “Retail” projects. New office building on a Brownfield? Industrial building in an area that just had water-runoff work? Yes, these could be considered “subsidies” under the current broad definitions of the bill.

We believe that local governments are able to make decisions regarding such projects in a well-informed manner. Under current law, local governments can seek advice from a broad range of other government agencies and consultants, and regularly require cost-benefit analysis of projects.

The “analysis” required by SB 673 is already required and/or can be required by the local government approving the project. This measure is seen as a way to create an unnecessary hurdle in order to slow certain projects and we are opposing this bill. The bill will next be considered by the Senate Appropriations committee.

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