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June 17, 2011

AB 350 (Jose Solorio; D-Santa Ana), backed by SEIU, would create protected classes of building services employees and dictates that they must be hired when changing a service contract.

The bill passed the Assembly last week on a vote of 46-31. Only Democrats supported the measure, while a bipartisan mix of legislators, including four Democrats, opposed it.

Should this bill become law, tenants and property managers will not see a change in the staff responsible for day-today services when they hire a new company. And new companies – union or non-union – will be forced to take on employees that they have not screened and who may not be up to the required tasks.

AB 350 is extremely unfair to productive workers as it would displace employees who work for a service provider that has successfully competed for a new contract with employees from the previous company that lost the job — even if the reason for losing the contract was poor performance of the now protected employees.

The bill must be heard and voted on in the Senate Labor Committee on June 29. MAKE YOUR VOICE BE HEARD AND SEND A LETTER OPPOSING THIS BILL NOW.

Click here for an example Letter of Opposition.

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