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May 27, 2011

As we have reported on several time in the past, there is proposed legislation in Sacramento that will require additional economic and community impact analyses for retail developments that are 90,000 feet or larger and sell groceries. The commercial real estate industry is opposed to this measure because it adds more bureaucratic red tape to an already cumbersome regulatory process and will stifle business investment by discouraging major retailers from building new stores in California. Additionally, because the bill applies to tenant improvements, we believe this law can easily be misused to go after a variety of other project in existing facilities.

Simply, SB 469 will 1) Hurt job growth and harm California’s economy, 2) Make California less competitive by making it more expensive for companies that want to do business and invest in our state, 3) Force additional regulation that is routinely rejected at the local level into a state mandate, and 4) Slow new retail development thereby limiting Californian’s choices about where to shop.

SB 469 would hurt the economy when California can least afford it. Stopping this measure is critical to ensuring more bureaucratic red tape doesn’t kill development and further stall California’s economic recovery.

We need your help! Please take a moment to write or call your State Senator to oppose SB 469 and ask them to vote NO. Your efforts could make a significant difference in whether or not SB 469 becomes law.

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