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July 29, 2011

Here are some recommendations moving forward as part of a regulatory proceeding at the California Energy Commission:

* Mandate all commercial new construction be Zero Net Energy (ZNE) by 2030. ZNE means that over a year that your building generates as much energy onsite as it pulls from the grid.

* Have the CEC use fines and penalties to enforce energy code at the state level.

* Use a “societal value” to calculate cost effectiveness for Zero Net Energy. In other words, change the current objective cost calculations required to pass energy code and add in a “subjective” component that will allow mandates for technology that will not pay for itself.

* Develop “reach” standards (as opposed to incremental “reachable” standards) for adoption at the local level and be included into CALGreen.

* Increase Title 24 requirements by jumps of 20-30% each adoption over the next three cycles.

* Require public building rating disclosures.

* Require energy efficiency improvements in existing buildings not tied to a scheduled improvement.

* Mandate a time-of-sale or time period trigger for upgrades and disclosures.

* Shift responsibility on to building owners and managers for reducing tenant plug-loads.

Yes, this is actually all happening now in the regulatory process. Some find it hard to believe that policymakers are considering such an aggressive statewide policy. Click below to read the recommendations for yourself:

Saving Energy in Existing Buildings and Achieving a Zero‐Net‐Energy Future

Contact us if you have any thoughts or opinions on how this might impact your business or to get more involved in the public process.

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