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August 13, 2010

The legislature and the governor acted to have the Water Bond vote moved to November 2012. Many questioned the need to do this since the water issue is so vital to California’s economy and the reason was very simple – the current economic situation in California has most of the major supporters who could be relied upon for financial support of a campaign with a shortage of resources to do so and a NO campaign is always cheaper and easier. There was substantial concern that while the polling showed that Californians supported a water bond package it could easily be put at risk.

It is a shared belief that there will be more financial support available in 2012 to put into the YES campaign and that the attitude of more voters will be supportive of such an investment in the future. Thus recognizing that getting a water bond through the legislature should it fail at the ballot box would be next to impossible, it made total sense to move the election to November 2012.

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