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October 15, 2013

Governor Brown has signed AB 483 (Ting; D-San Francisco), a bill supported by the California Downtown Association as well other property groups. AB 483 will help protect important economic development tools – Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and Tourism Marketing Districts (TMDs) from an unintended ambiguity in Prop 26 which inadvertently created potential legal uncertainty over these district’s ability to privately fund marketing and promotional activities.

TMDs and BIDs have been critical to the success of the tourism industry, especially during the recent economic downturn when support for tourism – previously provided by local governments – dried up due to budget constraints. TMDs and BIDs are voluntarily formed by businesses to impose an assessment on themselves to privately fund services that benefit those businesses.

AB 483 clarifies that any incidental benefit from a TMD or BID to a business located outside a district’s boundary does not violate the law.

We thank the Governor for signing this important measure. Click here to read the new law – AB 483 (Ting).

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