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    Posted: October 2, 2015 | Posted by CBPA | No Comments

    Our friend Joel Fox over at Fox & Hounds lays-out the political positioning that is happening with propositions for 2016.  This article will give you a good sense about what is shaping-up to be an active campaign season – and where a potential split roll initiative is in the priorities of tax advocates.

    This post-legislative period is shaping up as the great California initiative poker game – with taxpayers’ money as the chips.

     The California Teachers Association was the first to the table with a measure to extend Proposition 30 by keeping its income tax hike on the wealthy in place for 12 more years after it was scheduled to expire in 2018. A week later, the California Hospital Association, Service Employees International Union-United Healthcare Workers West and Common Sense Kids Action played their hand: “I’ll see your $7 billion annual tax increase on Proposition 30 for 12 years and raise it to $10 billion a year, not for a dozen years, but forever!”

     The unions are not the only ones at the table…

    Click here to read the full story at Fox & Hounds.

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