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April 29, 2011

As California builders, managers, and tenants are looking for cost effective ways to become more efficient, the use of electrical and water submeters have become more common. The commercial real estate industry supports policies that will help users better understand resource usage.

However, in California recently, a steady and consistent supply of water submeters has been hard to come by because of redundant and burdensome testing and inspection requirements required only in this state. Due to that fact, there are currently no hot water submeters available for sale and installation in the state of California. The only manufacturer of a California-approved hot water meter has stopped all sales of submeters to California for fear of monetary penalties. In order to re-establish the supply, we are supporting SB 744 (Wyland; R – Escondido), a bill that will ensure the steady and consistent delivery of water submeters to the state. The bill would permit manufacturers of submeters to utilize an alternative testing facility to test the accuracy and reliability of the submeter as long as those facilities are recognized by California as meeting the minimum standards of accuracy.

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