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    Posted: April 7, 2014 | Posted by Crystal Whitfield | No Comments

    We have taken a position of strong support for AB 2361 (Jones; R-Santee) as it will help protect small businesses from unwarranted lawsuits related to alleged missing or inadequate signage required by Proposition 65 by providing businesses with less than 25 employees a 14-day window to cure a signage violation and avoid a lawsuit.

    SB 2361 builds on our success of Prop. 65 reform from last year, AB 227 (Gatto).  AB 227 provides opportunity to cure for certain situations (exposure to alcoholic beverages, exposure to a chemicals created through food preparation at a restaurant, environmental tobacco smoke or engine exhaust in a noncommercial parking structure), AB 2361 allows businesses with less than 25 employees to cure any type of signage violation.  Click here to read the bill.

    Thoughts and feedback on the language and/or position are encouraged.

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