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February 3, 2012

The Building Standards Commission (BSC) has selected the Code Advisory Committee memberships for the next 3-year code-adoption cycle (2012-2014). Back in November, the BSC selection committee got together and reviewed several hundred applications and selected a slate of nominees that were sent to the full Commission for confirmation at last Wednesday’s Business Meeting.

Industry nominees fared very well and were appointed to each of the five BSC Code Advisory Committees. Industry appointees include Harry Moos (Plumbing & Mechanical), John Oglesby (Structural), Michael Gibbens (Accessibility) and Bob Raymer (Building & Fire and Green Building). In addition, Raymer will serve as Chair of the Green Building Code Advisory Committee.

As required by statute, all state amendments to the national model codes must go through at least one of these code advisory committees prior to being acted upon by the full commission. During each 18-month code cycle, these code advisory committees will sift through thousands of proposed state amendments to the national codes

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