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November 29, 2012

As you can see, a “split roll” property tax is high on the agenda of the author of the above suggested legislative priorities list. But he is not alone. Since the election, the chorus of voices that advocate removing Proposition 13 protections from non-residential real estate has grown louder and bolder, as summarized in this SF Examiner piece.

In the midst of all the political discussion and coverage, as leaders at the Californians Against Higher Property Taxes, we continue to educate policymakers using facts, figures, and studies to show that changing the current property tax system in order to raise revenue from commercial properties would have a “devastating impact of increased property taxes on jobs and small businesses.” Increasing property taxes on businesses by $6 billion would result in $71.8 billion in reduced economic output and 396,345 fewer jobs over the first five years of the tax increase, and would continue to get worse. Click here to read a recent Pepperdine study that outlines these dire economic impacts of a split roll.

The next two years are going to be crucial in protecting Proposition 13 and keeping your property taxes in check. We implore you to get involved, be active, and support the activities of groups that are watching your interests on a day-to-day basis in Sacramento.

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