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    Posted: September 30, 2016 | Posted by CBPA | No Comments

    The Governor has until Midnight on Saturday, to sign/veto all the rest of the bills on his desk from this legislative session.  Here is a quick update on some bills we are following that he has acted on since last Friday:

    Signed Into Law

    AB 806 (Dodd D)  Community development: economic opportunity. SUPPORT

    AB 1807 (Bonta D) Real estate licensees. SUPPORT

    AB 1926 (Cooper D) Public works: prevailing wage: apprentices. OPPOSE

    AB 1934 (Santiago D) Planning and zoning: development bonuses: mixed-use projects. SUPPORT

    AB 2180 (Ting D) Land use: development project review. SUPPORT

    AB 2299 (Bloom D) Land use: housing: 2nd units. SUPPORT

    AB 2492 (Alejo D) Community revitalization. SUPPORT

    AB 2501 (Bloom D) Housing: density bonuses. SUPPORT

    SB 936 (Hertzberg D) California Small Business Expansion Fund: corporate guarantees. SUPPORT

    SB 1069 (Wieckowski D) Land use: zoning. SUPPORT

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