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April 1, 2011

As charter members of the regulatory reform coalition, known as ROAR (Regulatory Oversight, Analysis and Reform Coalition), we have spent a significant amount of time in Sacramento this past year advocating for Legislative and Executive Branch action on peeling back some of the state’s many complicated, redundant, and ultimately job-killing regulations.

We support “smart regulations” that are necessary, cost-effective, fairly enforced and regularly updated to reflect changing conditions and needs. Currently California regulations are adopted, reviewed and approved under a system established in 1979 and only modestly changed thereafter. Since 1979, the legislature has granted massive new powers to government agencies and there has been exponential growth in regulations concerning every aspect of the economy, mostly outside the control or even awareness of elected officials. We should modernize the system to enable policymakers to take a more informed role in shaping regulations that now have a tremendous impact on the California economy.

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