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    Posted: July 25, 2013 | Posted by Crystal Whitfield | No Comments

    A major factor in the on-time budget is the voter’s passage of Proposition 25 several years ago.

    That ballot measure deleted the 2/3’s majority vote needed to pass a budget and included a “sweetener” that docked legislative pay for not meeting the deadline.  No one in the Capitol thought that latter provision would ever actually be enforced.  However, when Governor Brown vetoed the budget originally presented to him the year after Prop 25 passed – the first time ever a budget had been vetoed – he emphasized the fact that it was not balanced, which set forth a chain of events that led to State Controller John Chiang withholding legislative paychecks.

    And elimination of the 2/3’s majority vote has also played a key role, in that no Republican votes are needed to pass a spending plan.  But it should be noted, that a 2/3’s vote IS still required for tax increases, so the majority party still has some difficulty, even with the current supermajorities, in some efforts to raise revenue.

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