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September 23, 2011

Proposition 13, which California voters approved in 1978, remains solidly popular in California, despite continuous attacks from special interest groups that want to change the landmark tax-payer protection.

A new Field Poll shows that 63% of Californians would endorse Prop. 13 if it were up for a vote again today. Poll director Mark DiCamillo states the poll shows that “[Proposition 13 is] still the third rail of California politics…It’s really an untouchable. Tinkering with Proposition 13 would probably be done at a politician’s own peril.”

SPLIT ROLL. Recently, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has made changing Prop. 13 a centerpiece of policy recommendations to the Governor, and specifically he has been advocating allowing taxes be raised on commercial property…recommendations that the Governor has directly declined to pursue.

This idea, however, doesn’t go over well with a plurality of voters. Voters not only support the overall concept of the measure, but directly oppose amending it to permit commercial properties to be taxed at a higher rate by a 50% to 41% margin.

Rex Hime, President and CEO of the California Business Properties Association, stated, “this poll once again confirms what we already know. Californian’s support the inherent tax fairness of Proposition 13. Property tax revenue has increased dramatically since 1978 and voters seem to innately understand that the only problem is that the spending side of the ledger has unfortunately outpaced that healthy growth in revenue.

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