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    The Board of Directors has taken the following positions on statewide propositions that will be on the November Ballot.  As a statewide professional organizations representing commercial retail real estate, positions are taken on issues that have a unique and/or disproportionate impact on our businesses.

    Proposition 22 – Bars the state from taking/borrowing money dedicated for local government, redevelopment or transit agencies. 

    Proposition 22 Title, Summary and Analysis

    Proposition 22 Arguments and Rebuttals 

    POSITION:  Support, “Yes.”

    Proposition 24 – Repeals recent legislation that allows businesses to carry-back losses, share tax credits, and use other formulas to lower taxable income in the state. 

    Proposition 24 Title, Summary and Analysis 

    Proposition 24 Arguments and Rebuttals

    POSITION:  Oppose “No.”

    Proposition 25 – Change vote requirement to pass the state budget from two-thirds to a simple majority.  

    Proposition 25 Title, Summary and Analysis

    Proposition 25 Arguments and Rebuttals 

    POSITION:  Oppose “No.”

    Proposition 26 – Increases legislative vote requirement from majority to two-thirds for approving state fees, levies and surcharges. 

    Proposition 26 Title, Summary and Analysis

    Proposition 26 Arguments and Rebuttals 

    POSITION:  Support “Yes.”

    If you have any questions, comments, or would like more context or information regarding these positions, feel free to contact us.

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