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April 29, 2011

On the other hand, we had to oppose another bill – AB 19 (Fong; D-Mountain View) – mandating water submeters be installed in all residential dwelling units. We communicated to the Legislature that although we do not oppose the installation of water meters and submeters in individual tenant units, this bill will set bad precedent by not allowing cost recovery for equipment purchases or costs association with reading meters; the bill also was written in a way to purposeful avoidance of the state’s Building Standards Commission process.

We believe this is an important step towards conservation for California. However, we consistently argue that there are important factors that must be considered and included in any statewide building code to ensure that costs are not overly burdensome for owners and tenants alike and that appropriate technical review by state agencies tasked with writing building code happen.

The bill was held in committee, but may come up for a vote again prior to the Policy Deadline.

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