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    Posted: October 2, 2015 | Posted by CBPA | No Comments

    A new poll from the Public Policy Institute of California finds that many Californians currently favor some of the new or extended taxes that are currently being discussed, including 55% that said they would support changing Proposition 13 to force commercial properties be re-assessed more frequently.  According to the PPIC here are the top-level findings of the poll:

    • Half of likely voters favor extending Proposition 30 taxes temporarily—most support cigarette tax increases.
    • Californians continue to view local water supply as a big problem, but feel better about the way people are responding.
    • Solid majorities of Californians see public pension spending as a problem and most think voters should weigh in on changes to the system.
    • Californians are more supportive of immigration reform, abortion rights, and stricter gun laws than are adults nationwide.

    Click here to read the full results and the accompanying press release.

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