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    Posted: February 10, 2012 | Posted by Crystal Whitfield | No Comments

    The California Energy Commission adopts an Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR, pronounced eye’-per) every two years and an update every other year.  The 2012 Integrated Energy Policy Report Update is now underway.  The CEC will conduct workshops to obtain comments and receive input into the report.  The first workshops are as follow:

    February 16, 2012 – Workshop on Combined Heat and Power in California.

    February 23, 2012 – Workshop on 2012-2022 Electricity and Natural Gas Demand Forecast.

    The Integrated Energy Policy Report provides a summary of priority energy issues currently facing California. The report provides strategies and recommendations to further the state’s goal of ensuring reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible energy sources.

    Bottom line, this report will affect what you pay for energy.  To follow the proceedings and sign up for updates, click here.


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