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    Posted: June 10, 2011 | Posted by Crystal Whitfield | No Comments

    Our industry also confirmed opposition – and committed resources to defeating — SB 469 (Juan Vargas; D-San Diego), a bill that will require additional economic and community impact analyses for retail developments that are 90,000 feet or larger and sell groceries, passed the Senate on a vote of 21-14, the bare minimum of votes needed.

    We have written several times in the past about our opposition to the measure, so we’d like to share with you what the California League of Cities is saying about the bill.  Click here to read their alert entitled “Discriminatory Land Use ‘Superstore’ Bill Passes in Senate; Latest Chapter in Union-Backed ‘Grocery War.”

    For more information on how to get involved, reply to this email or visit www.StopSB469.com.

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