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April 12, 2019

SB 288 (Wiener; D-San Francisco) a measure designed to reduce barriers to the deployment of distributed energy resources by addressing needed changes in utility tariffs and reducing interconnection challenges.  This bill is dubbed the Solar Bill of Rights.  It passed the Senate Energy, Utilities, and Commerce Committee this week on a unanimous vote.

SB 288 would ensure that California businesses and homeowners are able to make, store and use clean energy on their property without undue interference from the utility; connect clean energy technologies to the grid in a quick and efficient manner; be free from inequitable fees and charges associated with installing onsite clean energy technologies; and increase the reliability and resiliency of the state’s electric grid.

As wildfires and other climate-related challenges become more frequent and destructive, California must build a power grid that is more reliable, resilient and safe. By reducing climate pollution, increasing the state’s reliance on distributed energy resources, and giving customers a way to keep the lights on when the grid goes down, local solar, batteries, and other smart clean energy technologies are an important piece of a cleaner and more reliable energy future.

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