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February 27, 2015

The “45-Day Language” – official proposed changes by the California Energy Commission — to Title 24, Part 6 (CA Energy Code) was released earlier this week.

ICSC, the NAIOP California Council, and BOMA California’s Board of Directors banded together to raise funds and identify industry experts to review the proposal.

With the initial review complete, we have identified 201 revisions that will have some impact commercial real estate.

· 111 of these are considered to have little or no impact.

· 59 of the changes are moderate with little or no cost impact.

· 29 are considered significant with a moderate cost impact.

· Finally, 2 proposals are considered critical with major cost and operational impacts.

The review continues over the weekend and we are preparing information for the nonresidential portion of the hearings are which will be held on Tuesday, March 3rd.

Here are the Notices of Proposed Action for the 2016 revisions to the Title 24 Part 6 Building Energy Efficiency Standards, and separately for the voluntary provisions in Title 24 Part 11, can be found here:

Proposed 2016 California Energy Efficiency Standards

If you have experts at your company that can review the proposed regulations and provide feedback that would be helpful.

Final proposed codes are scheduled for adoption at the CECs May 2015 Business Meeting.

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