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    Many bills our industry opposed and were deemed as high priorities, a majority of legislators agreed with us and they have been stopped for the year.  Note, because legislative sessions span for two years, these bills are technically known as “two year bills” as there is a chance they could move next year.  However, in the day-to-day parlance of the Capitol, these bills are known as being “dead.”

    AB 5 (Gonzalez D) Mandates certain hiring requirements for businesses.

    AB 199 (Chu D) Applied prevailing wage to private construction (not, this bill is not dead but has been amended in a manner that we no longer oppose).

    AB 378 (Garcia, Cristina D) California Cap-and-Trade on Greenhouse Gases.

    AB 909 (Steinorth R) Mandates that trauma kits be installed in private buildings.

    AB 975 (Friedman D) Greatly expands wild and scenic rivers designations.

    AB 1059 (Gonzalez Fletcher D) Attempts to Bans Dual agency commercial real estate firms/transactions.

    AB 1506 (Bloom D) Residential rent control: Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act.

    SB 2 (Atkins D) Applies a $75 tax to all recorded real estate documents.

    SB 224 (Jackson D) Overturns recent CEQA court.

    SB 640 (Hertzberg D) Sales tax on services.

    SB 705 (Allen D) Solid waste: expanded mandate on certain packaging.

    SB 775 (Wieckowski D) California Cap-and-Trade on Greenhouse Gases.

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