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January 19, 2012

AB 1207 (Furutani; D-Long Beach) failed passage in the Assembly Judiciary Committee on a bipartisan vote. This bill would remove the statute of limitation and thereby expand the statute of limitations on personal or real property lawsuits when there was an allegation of exposure to a hazardous material, even if it was in relation to remediation activities. In so doing, AB 1207 would have unnecessarily exposed a large number of companies to unjustified liability and uncertainty.

A broad coalition of business groups successfully argued that the bill was unnecessary because injured plaintiffs in California currently have a wealth of legal options to use to seek redress and federal and state law provide an extensive and interwoven framework to hold companies responsible and mitigate actions that result in pollution or hazardous waste.

Every year scores of bills are introduced in the state legislature that will increase business exposure to such lawsuits. When the laws are overly broad, burdensome, or simply do not make sense we vigorously oppose those measures.

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