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1972 – Over 45 years of service to the commercial industrial retail real estate industry – 2021.


Government Affairs

CBPA represents the commercial retail industrial real estate industry at the State Capitol and in front of the dozens of state boards and commissions.

CBPA members are constantly bombarded by dozens of regulations directly affecting their business. On top of that, legislative proposals introduced annually and damaging lawsuits filed on a regular basis would make it even more difficult, if not impossible, to operate in California if not for CBPA and its team of advocates and volunteers that engage these issues every day on behalf of the industry.

Protecting Proposition 13: One of the few protections you have as a property owner in California is the fact that your property taxes are stable and predictable because of Proposition 13.

However, special interests that want the state government to increase spending would like to decimate that law to create a “split roll tax” so commercial property at a much higher rate than residential property. Double your yearly property tax bill and its easy to see the impacts. CBPA is on the front lines every year to oppose this bad idea.

In addition to protecting Prop. 13, we have staved off a number of statewide parcel tax increases.

ADA Reform: California has 40% of the nation’s ADA lawsuits but only 12% of the country’s disabled population. CBPA has played a key role in sponsoring and supporting a successful package bills that incrementally have reformed the law and decreased drive-by-lawsuits.

Each year we continue to quietly move legislation that have, among other things, given businesses a chance to address and fix violations before a lawsuit can proceed.

Our statewide reform efforts have been noticed by Congress and we are working to bring relief in the federal courts as well.

Energy/Greenhouse Gas Issues: Energy costs have become our member’s number one line item operating cost. From restrictive energy codes required on new buildings and tenant improvements, to Greenhouse Gas reduction laws that are driving up the cost of gas and electricity.

CBPA is the only organization brining the perspective of property owners and managers into policy discussions and explaining the impacts to Legislators. From crafting a sensible benchmarking law to protecting our interests in cap-and-trade.