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March 11, 2016

As a regular reader of this newsletter you, no doubt, know that two measures to try to gut Proposition 13 have been stopped in the last four months. That means that we won’t have an expensive proposition to battle this year; but in the big picture it also speaks to the strength and popularity that Prop 13 still enjoys – even its protections on commercial real estate.

One reason this is the case is the fact that our allies at the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA) are rock solid in their belief that Prop 13 only works when it is protecting ALL property owners, young, old renter, owner, residential, and commercial.

HJTA has just released another in a series of videos meant to educate Californians about the benefits of the law.

“The more the public knows about Proposition 13, the stronger is the support for this tax limiting measure and the harder it becomes for special interests to take away our Proposition 13 protections,” states Jon Coupal, the President of HJTA. We agree.

Click here to watch this informative video on Prop. 13 and share it with your friends, family, and tenants!

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