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February 20, 2014

Our friends at ICSC bring us this story: An improving global economy and greater liquidity pushed fourth-quarter commercial real estate investment worldwide to $183 billion and full-year volume up 18 percent year on year, to $549 billion, according to Jones Lang LaSalle. The real estate markets have maintained their momentum over the past 12 months, says Arthur de Haast, who heads Jones Lang LaSalle’s international capital group. Fourth-quarter volume exceeded a strong third quarter by 31 percent and rose against the year-ago fourth quarter by 13 percent.


“The global real estate capital markets continue to improve on the back of more-optimistic global economic forecasts and investor sentiment,” de Haast said in a press release. “Real estate is certainly benefiting from the desire of investors to hold hard income-producing assets alongside, and in some instances in preference to, more-liquid investment opportunities.” The Asia-Pacific region showed the largest year-on-year regional growth, at 26 percent, meaning volumes are back to the record peak levels of 2007 at $124 billion, Jones Lang LaSalle reports. The Americas region has seen continued improvement in market conditions and confidence, despite economic and political challenges. Full-year volumes in the region reached $240 billion, up 18 percent, while fourth-quarter volumes rose 17 percent to $87 billion. Europe is seeing some of the best results since 2007, with 14 percent growth overall in dollar terms and full-year volume of $184 billion. The U.K. and Germany are up 19 percent and 17 percent, respectively. Meanwhile, de Haast says, there has been much greater activity throughout the smaller European investment markets and also across the real estate sectors.

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