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September 17, 2010

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) was authorized via SB 5 (Machado) to develop building standards that “reduces the risk of flood damage and to protect life, safety, and the construction in the Central Valley Flood Plain Management Area.” During the adoption of the 2010 edition of the California Building Code (CBC), DWR was convinced to withdraw their proposed regulations for commercial buildings due to cost concerns and potential conflicts with existing regulations governing disabled accessibility.

DWR has initiated Phase II of their code development process and conducted two workshops during the month of August. Another workshop is planned for September 28 to discuss how existing accessibility standards could impact flood damage prevention standards. It is anticipated that DWR will want to proceed with the development of regulations related to multi-family buildings, school facilities and those commercial buildings having a “high occupancy” load. A high level of participation will be maintained during this administrative endeavor with emphasis being placed on the approval of no or low-cost compliance alternatives.

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