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March 8, 2012

Two measures pertaining to “Energy Efficiency” that have already been identified who have received positive analysis from some of our industry experts, come from the Senator who also chairs the Senate Select Committee on Energy Efficiency, Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles):

SB 998 (de Leon; D-Los Angeles) would require the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to authorize an electrical corporation to develop and implement an on-bill repayment program for eligible energy efficiency and renewable energy investments.

SB 1130 (de Leon; D-Los Angeles) creates the statewide Building the Economy Through Energy Retrofits (BETER) program, to make energy efficiency upgrades cost-effective for commercial property owners by pooling risk to offer low cost loans. This bill is sponsored by State Controller John Chiang.

The goal of these bills is to create innovative financing tools that don’t rely on taxpayer dollars and that help leverage private capital investment to stimulate more energy efficiency retrofit projects. We look forward to working with Senator de Leon and Controller Chiang on these measures.

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