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November 5, 2010

For full election results, click here to get all the numbers from the Secretary of State.

California went against the national grain and it was a banner election for California Democrats. Every major statewide office is now held by Democrats.

In an election when ten states across the nation replaced Democratic Governors with Republicans, not only did California do the opposite, but Jerry Brown won by a whopping 13 points.

Democrats also made a one seat gain in the State Legislature. Our state Assembly now has a 52-28 Democratic majority. The state Senate remains unchanged with a 25-15 Democratic majority. Both chambers are now just 2 votes away from the “magic” number of having the 2/3 supermajority.

In the Central Valley, Republican Anthony Cannella was able to hold on to the number one targeted seat beating Democratic Assemblymember Anna Caballero 52% to 47%. Aside from being the focus of intense spending by both sides, this race is significant because Ms. Caballero staked much of her platform on stopping growth and being anti-development.

The measure to suspend AB 32 (our Global Warming Act of 2006) lost big time, with 61% of the people opposing it. Although we did not oppose the measure because it was flawed, this result will strengthen the resolve of the regulatory agencies that are cranking down on greenhouse gas rules; and will embolden environmental advocates even further to come up with more legislative ideas next year, pointing to the defeat of this measure as a mandate from the people.

And Proposition 25, the measure to change our budget vote requirement from 2/3 to majority, also passed. The actual impact of this measure is unclear. We believe there will be a fight over whether this changes the threshold needed to raise taxes as part of the state budget package and ultimately will be resolved in the courts.

However, we do have three statewide bright spots in this election:

Proposition 22 redevelopment fund protection passed. This will help protect local money from state “raids.”

Defeat of Proposition 24, a measure sponsored by public employee unions, that would have repealed business tax breaks negotiated in last year’s budget.

Proposition 26 passed; this measure does a number of things, but basically clarifies what is a fee and what is a tax (needing 2/3’s vote). This will provide protection to businesses by clarifying the need for a direct nexus between the fees charged by governmental entities and the activities those monies can be used for.

We know we didn’t cover everything here, and we are sure there is lots of good news about business friendly candidates winning at the local level. If you have any questions, comments, or want more context about any of the results, please feel free to contact us. And again, for full election results, click here to get all the numbers from the Secretary of State.

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