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    In a process that has taken well over a decade, Los Angeles County has released the Draft EIR for Tejon Ranch’s master-planned community, Centennial, on the south side of the Ranch.  Centennial is a master-planned community of 19,333 homes of all types, and 10.2 million square feet of retail/commercial/Industrial development, with 6,700 acres developed and 5,600 acres preserved as open space in the Antelope Valley.

    The project complies with the Los Angeles County Antelope Valley Area Plan (AVAP), and furthers the implementation of the Tejon Ranch Conservation and Land Use Agreement of 2008, where the Ranch will set aside 240,000 acres in conservation easements, while developing roughly 10-percent of our total 270,000-acre landholding.

    This is a great example of a modern and well thought out project that will provide housing and 30,000 permanent jobs and a $31 million surplus to LA County.  CONGRATULATIONS!

    Click Here to read the full press release.

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