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    Posted: September 29, 2014 | Posted by Crystal Whitfield | No Comments

    The following bills that are meant to address issues, in some fashion, created by the elimination of the state’s Redevelopment program, are all on the Governor’s Desk awaiting action.  We support all measures:

    AB 1399 (Medina; D – Riverside) Income taxation: insurance taxation: credits: California New Markets Tax Credit.

    AB 2280 (Alejo; D – Salinas) Community Revitalization and Investment Authorities.

    AB 2493 (Bloom; D – Santa Monica) Redevelopment dissolution: housing projects: bond proceeds.

    SB 614 (Wolk; D – Vacaville) Local government: jurisdictional changes: infrastructure financing.

    SB 628 (Beall; D – Campbell) Enhanced infrastructure financing districts.

    SB 1129 (Steinberg; D – Sacramento) Redevelopment: successor agencies to redevelopment agencies.



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