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October 19, 2018

 Members of the Californians to Stop Higher Property Taxes coalition issued the following statements today in response to the $11 billion split roll property tax increase measure qualifying for the November 2020 ballot:

“Californians are some of the most heavily tax-burdened in the country. Now, special interests want to raise taxes by another $11 billion through this measure, despite record-high revenue, record-high per-pupil spending and $17 billion in budget reserves. A split roll property tax increase isn’t needed and will just make it more difficult to do business in California.”

Rex Hime, President, California Business Properties Association

“We have already established a strong and broad-based coalition to fight this assault on the most important taxpayer protection Californians have. A split roll property tax is an $11 billion tax increase that will increase costs for everyone at a time when the high cost of living is already driving companies and residents out of the state.”

Jon Coupal, President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

“Make no mistake, this is the first step toward a full repeal of Proposition 13, the most important taxpayer protection that has kept housing affordable, especially at a time when the growing list of taxes and fees being paid by hardworking Californians have led to the affordability crisis we’re facing today”

Rob Lapsley, President, California Business Roundtable

“Not only can Californians not afford an $11 billion tax increase, but the measure includes no taxpayer protections, cost controls or accountability and transparency. We will have no idea how this new tax revenue will be spent or have any guarantee it will go where the special interests claim it will. This measure will increase costs on all Californians without any guarantees the money will be used responsibly.”

Teresa Casazza, President, California Taxpayers Association

“This initiative will have a devastating impact on small businesses, which are already struggling to keep their doors open. Small businesses simply can’t afford an $11 billion tax increase, and neither can working Californians.”

John Kabateck, State Director, National Federation of Independent Business in California

 Californians to Stop Higher Property Taxes is a broad-based coalition of taxpayer advocates, small business advocates and a growing list of regional and local organizations all opposed to this $11 billion tax increase that will affect all Californians. Click here to learn more.

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