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October 15, 2013

A bill sponsored by industry, SB 752 (Roth; D-Riverside), was signed by Governor Brown, which will reform the law dealing with commercial and industrial common interest developments, passed the Legislature is now on the Governor’s Desk.

The measure amends the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act which governs all common interest developments (CIDs), including residential as well as business CIDs. Since its enactment, the act has more than tripled in size. However, most of its new provisions were added to address problems faced by homeowners, without separate analysis of whether the new provisions should also apply to businesses. This has resulted in the unnecessary regulation applying to non-residential CIDs.

The California Law Revision Commission, after conducting public hearings, has recommended that the issue be addressed by enacting a separate statute that would govern only non-residential CIDs, and would not contain the regulatory provisions of the Davis-Stirling Act that are not applicable to those CIDs. Doing so would allow for future independent development of the two CID acts.

Senate Bill 752 implements that recommendation. We believe this is an important change to reduce unnecessary regulations on businesses without compromising residential protections, and are requesting the Governor sign the bill.

We thank the Governor for signing this common sense measure. Click here to read the new law – SB 752 (Roth).

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