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April 14, 2011

Even though our new CalGreen building standards have only been in effect for three months, the state is already working on substantial amendments to the provisions for commercial buildings. In early April, the Building Standards Commission’s Code Advisory Committee reviewed several hundred proposed changes to the CalGreen standards that, if adopted, would take effect on July 1, 2012. Most of these code-change proposals could be characterized as “editorial” in nature. However, a few represented significant changes, including:

Additions and Alterations: A lengthy 10-page proposal establishing green building requirements for additions and alterations of existing commercial buildings was sent back to the BSC for “Further Study”, wherein the BSC staff will seek additional comment from industry and the environmental community over the next 30 days. The biggest issue to be resolved focuses on whether the effective date should be 7/1/12 or 1/1/14.

A 2-page proposal that would have established building standards aimed at reducing “bird-strike” on commercial buildings was rejected by the advisory committee on a 4-2 vote.

A revised set of proposed green building standards will be prepared over the next 3-4 weeks and will be released to the public as formal 45-Day Language sometime in the first half of May. As soon as that language becomes available, a link to these proposals will be provided in a future article. Stay tuned, we need your help and industry must weigh in!

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