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February 4, 2011

CBPA has joined a coalition of more than 60 local governments, elected officials, business groups and labor groups, environmental leaders, and affordable housing advocates working together to stop the proposal to eliminate Redevelopment Agencies in California.

Although we recognize the huge fiscal problem facing the state, we agree with John Shirey of the Redevelopment Association that this proposal is “penny wise but pound foolish.” Among other things we believe this proposal has the potential to kill jobs, local economic development projects, and thereby evaporate billions in tax revenues to state and local governments.

Moreover, this proposal seems to be a rehash of the old State budget tactic of raiding local government funds. In the last election, over 61% of voters passed Proposition 22 which protected these very redevelopment funds from such a raid.

To find out more about the issue or to get your organization involved, click here.

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