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    Feb 10


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    California’s new statewide commercial recycling rules will become effective this Summer.  Below is a link to make sure you have the information you need to comply.  Passed into law in 2011 by AB 341 (Chesbro; D – Eureka) and adopted by CalRecycle in January the new rules apply to businesses (including public entities) that generate four cubic yards or more of waste per week and multifamily units of five or more.


    The stated purpose of this requirement is to further implement the state’s attempts to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions, under AB 32 as well as expand the opportunity for additional recycling services and recycling manufacturing facilities in California.


    As of July 1, a business that generates more than four cubic yards of commercial solid waste per week or is a multifamily residential dwelling of five units or more shall arrange for recycling services. 


    For more information, click here.

    Feb 3


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    The Building Standards Commission (BSC) has selected the Code Advisory Committee memberships for the next 3-year code-adoption cycle (2012-2014). Back in November, the BSC selection committee got together and reviewed several hundred applications and selected a slate of nominees that were sent to the full Commission for confirmation at last Wednesday’s Business Meeting.

    Industry nominees fared very well and were appointed to each of the five BSC Code Advisory Committees. Industry appointees include Harry Moos (Plumbing & Mechanical), John Oglesby (Structural), Michael Gibbens (Accessibility) and Bob Raymer (Building & Fire and Green Building). In addition, Raymer will serve as Chair of the Green Building Code Advisory Committee.

    As required by statute, all state amendments to the national model codes must go through at least one of these code advisory committees prior to being acted upon by the full commission. During each 18-month code cycle, these code advisory committees will sift through thousands of proposed state amendments to the national codes

    Jan 19


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    The Building Standards Commission (BSC) will consider the formal appointment of nominees to the various Code Advisory Committees at their Business Meeting next Wednesday.  Specifically, the BSC will be making the final selection of the Code Advisory Committee members for the 2012-2014 Code Adoption Cycles as suggested by the BSC’s Code Change Subcommittee.  The names of several commercial industry representatives are among the nominees being considered for Green Building, Building & Fire and several other advisory committees. 

     By law, every amendment to the state building codes must first be reviewed and critiqued by at least one of these advisory committees prior to being acted upon by the full commission. As your representatives in Sacramento we work hard to make sure that people with practical experience from our industry are appointed to these committees.

    Aug 24


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    As part of a large coalition of job producers, we have written Governor Brown to express concern about a recent proposal by the State Water Resources Control Board to change the state definition of “wetlands.” The proposed change is pre-emptive of a recently convened federal discussion on wetlands and could have significant impacts on public and private property, transportation and other development projects, throughout the state.

    We hope the Governor will consider intervening with the State Water Board and ask that they await the outcome of federal action before creating a new statewide standard that is duplicative or could lead to litigation and delays.

    The proposed change not only substantially broadens the lands that could potentially be affected, but – because it would be substantially out of sync with a well-established federal definition of wetlands – it might double the permitting burden for projects, slowing the process of transportation and building projects, including the expenditure of state bond funds. Slowing the expenditure of public and private building funds will have a significant jobs impact on the state.

    Jul 22


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    The Building Standards Commission has approved the State Fire Marshal Rulemaking to modify the 400′ travel distance and smoke removal for fire operations.  This process was started by our industry pointing out that under the last state adoption of the national codes large new industrial buildings would have been limited to being no more than 250’ deep.  This limitation would have hurt warehousing operations and development in California.  Members of several NAIOP chapters and companies brought the issue to the attention of their Sacramento lobbyists, funded a technical study, and worked over the course of a year to convince regulators to change the code.  This would not have been a success without the industrywide collaboration and hard work on this effort. 

    This code will be effective July 1, 2012.  However, locals will be educated and encouraged to consider this as acceptable alternative to existing code via Section 108 (approval of alternate methods).